Supercharge Your Vision with Pie or Presbyopic Implants in Eye  Prevent Cataracts and Get rid of reading glasses

After two years of writing articles about reading glasses and aging eyes we’re proud to share our free ebook containing information on causes and treatment of Presbyopia.  

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Journalists have reviewed the book.They say it is the best book on the subject. Editors have featured it..

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Readers from all walks of life feel they benefitted from reading this book. An easy read on a complex subject..

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About the Author

My mother is the inspiration for this book. A few years ago my mom asked me to perform presbyopia correction on her eyes. I wanted her to read up on the subject. We realized there was no book on the subject of presbyopia for consumers.My goal in writing this book was to make presbyopia reversal easy to understand for a person with no medical background.. .

I am a middle age man almost 50. I noticed my eye sight start to worsen about ten years ago, and I have been looking for remedies ever since. I have heard of Lasik but I didn't think it could work for someone my age. After reading this book and learning about this new procedure I think this could help me with my vision. I am glad I found this book and I am hopeful that procedure can help me improve my vision.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I simply loved this book. It's an eye opener and has been written in a way that it's easy for a lay person like me to understand

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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