Does Modern Family read Prelex Book?


Young Actor Noland Gould from the Emmy winning show “Modern Family” meets with Dr. Khanna, the lasik and prelex surgeon to the stars.

Emmy nominated actor Noland Gould from Modern Family  reads about Dr. Khannas new Prelex book.  This new Prelex book is aimed toward individuals forty five years and older who want to avoid having the dreaded cataracts surgery, as well as would like to give that up their spectacles for reading. The process of having prelex surgery  will ultimately avoid the growth involving cataracts in the foreseeable future. Prelex vision correction is not the same as Lasik where in Lasik the health practitioner will be resurfacing the actual cornea. In Prelex the surgeon will change out the eyes natural lens with a man-made lens  that is good for life.  This new lens will allow you to see far, middle, and in between.  Thereby this is not a mono-vision surgery


Moreover, you will discover various lens for Cataract in addition to Prelex that could be preferred with the affected person. You possibly can visualize the actual lens like a make of clothes. You will discover various manufacturer in addition to every features their advantages and disadvantages. The doctor will pick the best lens good patients’ desires in addition to funding options. The truly great aspect about Cataract in addition to Prelex surgical procedures will be it’s perfect for lifestyle in addition to enables you to view around considerably in addition to everything between, where by with Lasik surgical procedures there is certainly the chance that you will need the enhancement throughout your lifetime.
This new technology called Prelex has developed over the last five decades. Within the last few decades an incredible number of implants are already implanted within people all across the world including North America, Africa, Asia, South America, and Middle East. What’s so great about the actual prelex process demonstrate rather outstanding results. The method allows persons to see far, middle, and near without help from contacts and glasses. Therefore the prelex process will not only produce top quality results, but it will stop just one via the need to experience cataract surgical procedures later within lifestyle.

I care for Eye Care

Ok folks this is the eye care month. as you know we really care for eyes. That was the inspiration in writing the book prelex which has broken the top 100 k mark on Amazon. Today we will lok at some ways to beat the insurance industry and take care of our own eyes.

What should we eat?

1 Foods rich in vitamin A : Butternut squash, almonds, kale and other green leafy vegetable.

2. Balanced nutritious diet including some oils. Vitamin A is fat soluble and can only be then absorbed.

What should we wear?

1 Sunglasses or a cap keeps UV radiation out

2 Sunglasses also keep dust and allergen out.

3 Protective glasses when welding, gardening or working with drills

What should correct our refractive problems?

1. LASIK : Its safer than contact lenses

2 Prelex : its best for people above 45

What should be our daily eye care routine?

1. Wash your eyes in the morning to help remove secretions.

2. Evening wash to remove dust and allergens.

3. Rose water may be even better for these eye washes.

What should we avoid?

1. Contact lenses as they can cause sight threatening infections.

2 Visine eye drops

3 Rubbing eye

Can this prelex book replace a Doctor?

With all the apps/websites out there to make one healthy  one would wonder if we even need to bother about Obamacare, medicare or affordable health act. Over the years I have been asked to review various apps which monitor weight, calorie intake, calories burnt. Some apps are designed to screen the symptoms of patients and pull up relevant information from various websites. These are very helpful. These apps are based on algorithms designed to mimic human thinking.Just like the book on Prelex eye surgery. An often asked question is can they replace the doctors ?

Let me begin with a simple example. Exams test students. It was proposed that in open book exams students would do better. That was not true. After the students open the book they can look at facts but interpretation is still lacking. An MD spends around 8 years in gaining knowledge learning to identify signs and classifying them based on severity. He also learns to sift the data to come up with a differential diagnosis. Therefore he has learnt the ability to think about many conditions at the same time.

Can social media replace real friends and interactions? Same way patient doctor interaction is special. It has been shown to have a placebo effect. This added value a a “human” health-care professional provides is the reason why some doctors practices are bursting with patients. This factor has also to be taken in account when testing out a new drug. A doctor can also asses your psychological state which no computer can do.

There are some harmful effects on relying only on these apps. What if the app develops a bug. We have recently seen that apple maps has landed us in sticky situations. Can we play around with our life? Even when they work well they can give a false sense of hope. This can lead a potentially dangerous condition to become life threatening. Sometimes trivial things may get misdiagnosed (as a layman is interpreting) and create fear and emotional distress.

May be one day life will mimic art and we will have holographic doctors like in star trek. Til than peace.

Acorn features interview on the book- Prelex

Synthetic lens can restore vision
By John Loesing

THE BOOK COVER—Dr. Khanna’s work addresses Boomer eyesight.
Looking into the future, it’s easy to see what many of the baby boomers have in common. The 132 million U.S. men and women who are over 45 are routinely affected by failing eyesight, especially the ability to see up close.

Modern science is shedding new light on the topic of presbyopia and offering older Americans a chance to see like they were young again.

Men and women born between 1946 and 1966 are prime candidates for the procedure called Prelex, short for presbyopic lens exchange, in which the aging eye lens is removed and replaced with a new synthetic lens that allows the eye to see objects both near and far.

“I like to call it PI in the eye,” says Dr. Rajesh Khanna of Thousand Oaks, one of the leading Prelex and Lasik surgeons in the country. (PI stands for presbyopic implant.)

Khanna is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive surgery. He is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Rajesh Khanna
Khanna has published a new book titled “Prelex” that is geared toward older Americans who are fed up with reading glasses and poor vision—and want to do something about it.

“I didn’t sugarcoat anything,” the doctor says. “I put it out there and introduced all the risks and complications. It’s still the safest procedure out there.”

Prelex can be performed whether the patient is nearsighted, farsighted or has astigmatism. It can also be performed whether a person has had Lasik, radial keratotomy or other eye surgeries.

“Baby Boomers demand more and need to be seeing great,” Khanna says.

“This means if you are on a hiking trip you can pull out a map and read it without glasses,” his book states. “Or if you are a pilot, you may still retain your license without worrying about not seeing all those fancy instruments.”

In his book, Khanna tells patients everything they need to know about pre- and post-surgery, and about the operation itself.

The lens replacement is brief and painless, and takes about 15 minutes. The recovery period is quick and the results last for life. The presbyopic implants used in Prelex are FDA approved. Doctors have several lenses from which to choose.

“‘Wow, it’s a miracle.’ That’s the most common reaction I’ve heard,” Khanna says.

Prelex also will prevent cataracts.

For more information visit

Days of our lives with Prelex

Actress from “Days of Out Lives” Deidre Hall is interested in having Prelex surgery with Dr. Khanna of the Khanna Vision Institute.

Want to be able to see president Obama and Romney duke it out in clear vision? Now you can with the new Prelex vision correction surgery. Prelex surgery is aimed toward individuals over forty-five years of age who want to see far/middle/near, as well as, want to discontinue the fear of obtaining cataracts. This new technology has been defined over the last few decades and now is helping millions of people to see again free of glasses or cataracts. The new procedure Prelex will help one to steer clear of the development of cataracts in the foreseeable future because the natural eye lens is exchanged with a manmade lens. Cataracts cannot develop on the manmade lens and therefore someone who has had Prelex will never develop cataracts.

Actress from “Days of Out Lives” Deidre Hall was recently at the book signing by the author of Prelex. She was interested to learn about the new technology. She grabbed a book She said she  was interested in having Prelex surgery with Dr. Khanna, surgeon and author.
This break-through procedure is taking off in Los angles and New York. In addition, in the last several years countless implants are incorporated in individuals all in the United States. The advantages of the particular prelex course of action demonstrate pretty spectacular because not only to provide good quality eyesight but it will rid the need to undergo cataract surgical treatment later on in lifetime. And now all the information for this surgery can be found of a new book called Prelex. The new book gives information about Prelex in details. The Pros, and Cons, and everything in between. Check it out on amazon to get a copy for yourself and discover what prelex can do for you.

Presidential Debate Prelex

Candidates are debating what is the best option for them and the country. People are interested in knowing what is their vision for the country. Can they visualize events that have not yet taken place? Which one has the prudence to foresee international events and future terrorist attacks?

Barack H Obama or Mitchell Romney (what is his middle name or as in VA is he NMI. Took me a long time to figure it out. No middle Initial.

Some are concerned that they may not see eye to eye on subjects of national importance. Others feel the candidates spend too much time on iphones,blackberries and polls but not on common people.

What is not not in doubt is that prelex surgery is vision enhancing procedure and a permanent option to cure presbyopia.What is presbyopia and how is it reversed? IN brief presbyopia is the inability to change the focus of the eye as one ages. This prevents a person to read and see near. To learn more about this reader the chapter on Presbyopia and Baby Boomers in the lucid book on eyes – Prelex.

Guess what. Both the candidates are baby boomers. Anyone born between 1946 and 1964 qualifies for this title. Only one will become the President but no one can take this title away from either of them. Prelex is their birthright. Even though they may not have ready the book Prelex, maybe they are scanning this blog.

Maybe they will debate which is better for viewing the teleprompter, reading notes and viewing the audience- LASIK or PRELEX. There is no debate . It is Prelex,


Clinton Global Initiative and book on Prelex eye surgery

The goal of cliniton global initiative is to spread health all over the world.This gentleman from humble beginnings in Little rock, Arkansas has taken public service to a global level. The more people benefit the more successful the venture. A nice comparison to the wonderful book on Prelex which can benefit people all over the globe. Be it Tehran, Seoul or Peshawar there is freedom to read this informative book everywhere. As more people read and educate themselves on this cutting edge procedure,the global happiness level increases. They can donate their old glasses to the clinton initiative which can distribute them to the poorest of the poor. So lets all hail to the Chief and Ale to the book on Prelex eye surgery.

People of Louisiana also can be should be proud of President Clinton, as he was born there. He also informed us of an interesting fact. Anyone born in Louisiana part of the Louisiana purchase from the french are eligible for French citizenship if they speak fluent French. If anyone does go yonder don’t forget to pack your bags with the most important thing- the book on prelex eye surgery. You may have to translate it into French for the non english speaking folks.

New e-book on the benefits of prelex for vision correction in Arizona

Prelex is a new age type of vision correction for individuals over 45. It had been around for few years and is now becoming extremely popular all over the United States with the top doctors in Arizona choosing to imbibe this technology in thei practice. It works by taking away the eyes natural lens as well as changing it for a man-made or even presbyopic implant contact. This process can be remarkably important since it permits patients to see close proximity to, middle, as well as far with no usage of glasses or contacts. In addition, this process will save patients the need to go through cataract surgical treatment later, since cataracts can’t seem to produce inside man-made lens. So wheter you are resident of Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff or Bullshead city,Kingsman, Lake Havasu city, Chandler or Gilbert you can have access to this advanced eye procedure.

How will you find a good doctor proficient in Prelex? Now a new e-book called Prelex will give patients understanding on this modern procedure. This book allows people to think about the method, understand the surgeon/patient consultation, understanding what’s so great about prelex in excess of lasik. This Prelex books includes all the information to understand the whole  process of Prelex as well as what to expect after the procedure. It analyzes as well as interprets the hazards as well as preventible methods, in particular that of the procedure and the various implants, used during the prelex procedure. It enumerates various qaulities and skills you need to look for in a Prelex eye surgeon.
You will find there’s variety of implant lens to choose from which includes; Restor, Crystalens, as well as Tecnis implants. Every contact differs inside capacity as well as overall performance.

Here is a link to buy book on prelex

Am I too old to have Prelex?

A wonderful lady from connecticut around 80 years of age (a woman never tells her age, she reminded us) asked whether she was too old to have Prelex. Prelex, as you may recall is an influential new vision correction procedure that concerns replacing the eyes normal lens using a presbyopic implant lens. This procedure is perfect for patients forty five and above and it can significantly improve vision and allow one to obtain quality vision for rest of their life. People younger than 45 have significant flexibility in their natural lens which allows them to continuously change the focussing power of their eye naturally. Since people older than 45 to 50 have already lost much of the flexibility in their natural lens, there is a loss of natural focusing flexibility.
This ability is regained in a Presbyopic refractive lens exchange procedure or Prelex.
You are never too young to fall in love(quote from Mother Teresa) or too old to have Prelex(Quote from the author of the book on Prelex). Here is a video of a 89 year old young man- why I love Prelex.
A refractive lens exchange is not generally recommended for people under 45, unless the diagnosis and careful testing reveals it to be the best option. The procedure is proving popular all over globe including India and Nigeria.
The experience of a new book termed Prelex enables millions of individuals the access to quality perspective, care, facts. In this prelex book readers can learn in regards to the prelex procedure.
The prelex process involves changing the eyes natural lens for just a presbyopic implant lens. There is a range of implant lenses from which to choose including; Restor, Crystalens, and Tecnis implants. Each lens deviates in potential and performance. A beneficial surgeon can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every single lens and together you may choose the best option for your lifestyle.
So this nice lady is visiting her daughter in maryland, to discuss having her prelex procedure.

Innocence of aging eyes

When we were born did we know that one day we would loos the power to read. Or one day we may need glasses to see even movies. Or one day horrbly made poor videos would grab world attention while great books like on the subject of Prelex eye surgery would have to be googled for.

How come people dont take to the streets and celebrate knowledgeable books whcih enhance our minds and vision? Is the media to blame? We should challenge Hannity,Erin and Rachael to cover one heart warming, educating story for every 4 destructive stories they cover.

Also why bad news spreads faster than good news. Are we hard wired like that or does the society leave its impritn on us. We all need to reflect on this.
In the meantime lets educate ourselves by reading educative books like the book on Prelex by Dr.Raj. It will explain the workings of the eye and how to rectivy its shortcomings.

You know what is good about this book? It is applicable to people of all faith. Whether you practice the teachings of Buddha, or describe yourself as a Mormon, whether you are a chrishtian or a muslim, your eyes can be improved with prelex eye surgery. A short procedure and a life time of vision.