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Does Modern Family read Prelex Book?

By admin / October 6, 2012

  Emmy nominated actor Noland Gould from Modern Family  reads about Dr. Khannas new Prelex book.  This new Prelex book is aimed toward individuals forty five years and older who want to avoid having the dreaded cataracts surgery, as well as would like to give that up their spectacles for reading. The process of having […]


I care for Eye Care

By admin / October 5, 2012

Ok folks this is the eye care month. as you know we really care for eyes. That was the inspiration in writing the book prelex which has broken the top 100 k mark on Amazon. Today we will lok at some ways to beat the insurance industry and take care of our own eyes. What […]


Can this prelex book replace a Doctor?

By admin / October 4, 2012

With all the apps/websites out there to make one healthy  one would wonder if we even need to bother about Obamacare, medicare or affordable health act. Over the years I have been asked to review various apps which monitor weight, calorie intake, calories burnt. Some apps are designed to screen the symptoms of patients and […]


Acorn features interview on the book- Prelex

By admin / October 4, 2012

Synthetic lens can restore vision COMMENTARY | Prelex By John Loesing newstip@theacorn.com THE BOOK COVER—Dr. Khanna’s work addresses Boomer eyesight. Looking into the future, it’s easy to see what many of the baby boomers have in common. The 132 million U.S. men and women who are over 45 are routinely affected by failing eyesight, especially […]


Days of our lives with Prelex

By admin / October 2, 2012

Want to be able to see president Obama and Romney duke it out in clear vision? Now you can with the new Prelex vision correction surgery. Prelex surgery is aimed toward individuals over forty-five years of age who want to see far/middle/near, as well as, want to discontinue the fear of obtaining cataracts. This new […]


Presidential Debate Prelex

By admin / September 30, 2012

Candidates are debating what is the best option for them and the country. People are interested in knowing what is their vision for the country. Can they visualize events that have not yet taken place? Which one has the prudence to foresee international events and future terrorist attacks? Barack H Obama or Mitchell Romney (what […]


Clinton Global Initiative and book on Prelex eye surgery

By admin / September 29, 2012

The goal of cliniton global initiative is to spread health all over the world.This gentleman from humble beginnings in Little rock, Arkansas has taken public service to a global level. The more people benefit the more successful the venture. A nice comparison to the wonderful book on Prelex which can benefit people all over the […]


New e-book on the benefits of prelex for vision correction in Arizona

By admin / September 28, 2012

Prelex is a new age type of vision correction for individuals over 45. It had been around for few years and is now becoming extremely popular all over the United States with the top doctors in Arizona choosing to imbibe this technology in thei practice. It works by taking away the eyes natural lens as […]


Am I too old to have Prelex?

By admin / September 27, 2012

A wonderful lady from connecticut around 80 years of age (a woman never tells her age, she reminded us) asked whether she was too old to have Prelex. Prelex, as you may recall is an influential new vision correction procedure that concerns replacing the eyes normal lens using a presbyopic implant lens. This procedure is […]


Innocence of aging eyes

By admin / September 26, 2012

When we were born did we know that one day we would loos the power to read. Or one day we may need glasses to see even movies. Or one day horrbly made poor videos would grab world attention while great books like on the subject of Prelex eye surgery would have to be googled […]

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