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Chapter 1-how the eye works

By admin / September 18, 2012

In chapter 1 of the book on Prelex authored by an experienced Prelex surgeon, we learn basics about the eye. The eye has often been compared to a camera. Has it ever intrigued you that how objects and sceneries at different distances can be visualized by a person? In simple easy to understand English the […]


Learn more about Prelex.

By admin / September 17, 2012

Almost everybody has learned about Lasik medical procedure.This surgery was invented towards the last part of the previous surgery. The best age group to do lasik eye surgery in the United States is from 18 to 40 years of age. Many people likewise have coworkers or friends that have undergone this eye procedure & in […]


Heard about Prelex? See far, middle, and near with Prelex!

By admin / September 16, 2012

Almost everybody has heard about Lasik medical procedures. Many people also have buddies or maybe family which have gone through this medical procedure as well as reached outstanding results. Moreover, almost all have never heard about Prelex. Prelex is a new age treatment that involves exchanging the eyes healthy len’s with an artificial, presbyopic lens. […]



By admin / September 11, 2012

Were you all set to have lasik surgery performed on your eyes, and found you were not a candidate? You were instead informed that you have cataracts and were therefore not a candidate for lasik eye surgery. You need not be disheartened. If you read the book on prelex you may realize the cataracts were […]


Welcome to Book on Prelex

By admin / September 6, 2012

Yes, this website on the book about Prelex is now live. Whether you live in New York or Chicago this book is for you. Before you sign up for lasik eye surgery in Seattle or Cataract Surgery in Miami, you got to read this informative book Written in simple language, this book is easy to […]


Prelex eye surgery and a new Prelex book!!

By admin / August 17, 2012

The majority of everyone has got word of Lasik surgery and most of the people have had friends or family members that have undergone that surgery along with achieved effective results. Nonetheless, most have not heard about the medical procedure called Prelex. Prelex eye surgery is a procedure which involves replacing the eyes natural lens […]

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