Laser assisted cataract surgery

Precision and safety has increased with the advent of femtosecond lasers for cataract and Prelex surgeries.In a painless procedure lasting under two minutes the laser can make openings in the eye. It can also make relaxing incisions to correct astigmatism. More exciting and new is that the laser can now make a desired size opening of the lens bag. Further it can break the lens into multiple pieces of desired shape and size. This make it easier to remove the lens pieces with least amount of energy.

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Engaging the docking mechanism. Patient looks at the central red light. Corneal cuts from previous radial keratotomy are visible.

Learn more by watching a video on laser cataract surgery being performed on a patient who had had previous radial keratotomy.



100 seniors in 1000 oaks


More than 100 seniors came to Thousand Oaks on Oct. 18 to hear a talk by Dr. Rajesh Khanna, a board-certified and internation- ally recognized Lasik surgeon who specializes in disorders of the eye.

The event at Los Robles Hos- pital was part of the hospital’s ongoing health chat series that features a variety of doctors offer- ing medical advice to community members.

Khanna discussed the signifi- cance and development of cata- racts and the most promising and advanced treatment called Prelex, a replacement of the eye’s lens.

Khanna began his discus- sion by explaining the structure of the eye and the changes that occur over time. One of the most common eye aliments is cataracts. More than 20.5 million Americans over the age of 45 are affected by cataracts each year.

A cataract is the natural dete- rioration of the lens and can cause blurry vision. If the cataract is advanced it can make it extremely difficult to see.

Common treatments that are often recommended include drops and vitamins, but Khanna said research shows that neither of those options is useful. Instead, he suggests the cataract procedure.

Forms of cataract surgery have been in existence for hundreds of years, but procedures weren’t refined until modern cataract surgery was developed about 40 years ago. Recent advances in refractive cataract and Prelex procedures take the treatment to a new level.

Laser-assisted cataract sur- gery, for example, can also cor- rect astigmatism. Cataract surgery can be performed even in the presence of dry macular degen- eration.

Khanna also talked about an- other benefit of Prelex in which presbyopic implants, such as

Restore, Tecnis and Crystalens, are used as the eye’s new lens and are able to improve its ability to see up close.

Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus on close-up objects.

People over 50 who become dependent on reading glasses are excellent candidates for Prelex surgery, said Khanna, whose new book, “Prelex,” is available on

Khanna’s website is www. His offices are in Thousand Oaks and Bev- erly Hills.

Thousand Oaks Mall Prelex book giveaway

Dr. Rajesh Khanna Hosts a Health Chat Sponsored by Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center

Thursday October 18th, over one hundred well educated senior community members came out to hear a speaking engagement featuring Dr. Rajesh Khanna. The event was held by Los Robles hospital and medical center, and is a part of their health chat series, which features a variety of local doctors, that can offer valuable medical advice to community members. During the informative health chat, Dr. Khanna discussed the significance and development of cataracts, and the most promising and advanced treatment, called prelex.

Dr. Khanna began the discussion by explaining the structure of the eye and the changes that occur overtime. One of the most common eye aliments is cataracts; more than 20.5 million Americans over the age of 45, are affected by cataracts each year.

So what is a cataract? A cataract is the natural deterioration of the lens. This process can cause blurry vision, and if the cataract is advanced, it can cause the patient severe vision difficulty. Common treatments that are often recommended include drops, and vitamins. Dr. Khanna states, that there is extensive research showing that neither of these options are useful. Instead, Dr. Khanna suggests the cataract procedure. Cataract surgery was invented over 2,000 years ago, and has since been refined. About 40 years ago modern cataract surgery was developed. Recent advances in refractive cataract and prelex procedures were explained during the health chat. Dr. Khanna also talked about presbyopic implants, such as restore, tecnis, and crystalens. This interactive session led to a lot of questions from the listeners.

1.)    Can astigmatism be corrected at time of the cataract surgery?

Answer: Yes by laser assisted cataract surgery, another option is Toric IOL.

2.)    Can cataracts be done in presence of macular degeneration?

Answer: Yes, if it dry macular degeneration.


3.)    Does insurance cover some of the costs of laser assisted cataract surgery?

Answer: Yes


4.)    Where can we buy your book?

Answer: or by calling our office (805) 230-2126

Actor Michael Paul Chen and new Prelex book

Dr. Khanna & Michael Paul Chen

Actor Michael Paul Chen from the show “Arrested Development” and “Major Crimes” talks with Dr. Khanna about Prelex to fix his poor vision. 

Prelex is a great investment for older adults because it will last the rest of your life unlike Lasik eye surgery.  Prelex is a newer technology that changes the natural lens of the eye with a man-mad lens.  The procedure is very similar to cataract surgery although with Prelex you will be able to see far, middle, and near is each eye.  Also, cataracts can not develop on a mad made lens therefore you will never develop cataracts in your lifetime.  Prelex has actually been around for awhile and people all over the globe are discovering its outstanding benefits.  Thousands of Prelex surgeries are performed all over America, Europe, Africa and many other countries and Prelex is now becoming the new Lasik.   You can get all the information about Prelex in a new book by Dr. Khanna, a board certified ophthalmologist.  The book was written because many people are unfamiliar with this procedure that can benefit thousands of individuals.  The book is called Prelex and is available on Amazon.

Prelex Book and Ashley Agota from “True Jackson VP”


Actress Ashely Agota from “Bucket and Skinner”and from “True Jackson VP”  meets with Lasik Surgeon Dr. Khanna about his new Prelex Book. 

Prelex is a new technology that allows individuals over the age of forty-five to see close-up, middle, and far.  This is not mono-vision where one eye is far and one eye is near.  This new procedure exchanges the eyes natural lens with a man-made lens in both eyes.  This procedure is actually better then lasik for individuals over forty-five because the surgery is good for life, unlike lasik eye surgery.  And, not only will you be able to see good for the rest of your life but Prelex surgery prevents a person from developing cataracts.  This is because cataracts cannot develop of the man-made lens.  Although this procedure is being called new, it actually has existed for many years but has not been perfected till the last ten years.  Thousands of people all over the world are already experiencing the amazing effect of having Prelex.  People from India, Africa, Europe are all able to have this surgery done by a skilled board certified professional.  You can find all the information regarding Prelex surgery from a new book called Prelex which is now being sold on Amazon.


Kym Whitley from “We bought a zoo” decides on Prelex instead of Lasik.

Actress Kym Whitley from the film “We Bought a Zoo” and “Animal Practice” looks into having Prelex vision correction with Dr. Khanna so she can see far, middle, and near.

Actress Kym Whitley from the film “We Bought a Zoo” and “Animal Practice” looks into having Prelex vision correction with Dr. Khanna so she can see far, middle, and near.

Kym Whitley found all her Prelex  information from a new book called Prelex. Which is geared toward men and women over forty-five years of age who want to observe much better, or even wish to give up their own contact lenses. Prelex  is usually for individuals that are currently affected by Cataracts but this surgery will also miraculously steer you clear of the progress associated with cataracts in the future because cataracts can not grow on a prelex lens.
Prelex has evolved throughout the last several ages. Lens implant to fix cataracts have been incorporated in patients around the United states, as well as Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Prelex actually begun before Lasik however seemed to be handicapped by means of lack of methods. But through the decades it have been perfected and some great benefits of the particular prelex course of action verify very excellent. The task makes it possible for people to see close to, far and near.   And so the prelex course of action doesn’t just supply excellent eye-sight, but it will illuminate you from enduring cataract surgical procedures in the future in lifetime.