Prelex Book and Ashley Agota from “True Jackson VP”


Actress Ashely Agota from “Bucket and Skinner”and from “True Jackson VP”  meets with Lasik Surgeon Dr. Khanna about his new Prelex Book. 

Prelex is a new technology that allows individuals over the age of forty-five to see close-up, middle, and far.  This is not mono-vision where one eye is far and one eye is near.  This new procedure exchanges the eyes natural lens with a man-made lens in both eyes.  This procedure is actually better then lasik for individuals over forty-five because the surgery is good for life, unlike lasik eye surgery.  And, not only will you be able to see good for the rest of your life but Prelex surgery prevents a person from developing cataracts.  This is because cataracts cannot develop of the man-made lens.  Although this procedure is being called new, it actually has existed for many years but has not been perfected till the last ten years.  Thousands of people all over the world are already experiencing the amazing effect of having Prelex.  People from India, Africa, Europe are all able to have this surgery done by a skilled board certified professional.  You can find all the information regarding Prelex surgery from a new book called Prelex which is now being sold on Amazon.


Kym Whitley from “We bought a zoo” decides on Prelex instead of Lasik.

Actress Kym Whitley from the film “We Bought a Zoo” and “Animal Practice” looks into having Prelex vision correction with Dr. Khanna so she can see far, middle, and near.

Actress Kym Whitley from the film “We Bought a Zoo” and “Animal Practice” looks into having Prelex vision correction with Dr. Khanna so she can see far, middle, and near.

Kym Whitley found all her Prelex  information from a new book called Prelex. Which is geared toward men and women over forty-five years of age who want to observe much better, or even wish to give up their own contact lenses. Prelex  is usually for individuals that are currently affected by Cataracts but this surgery will also miraculously steer you clear of the progress associated with cataracts in the future because cataracts can not grow on a prelex lens.
Prelex has evolved throughout the last several ages. Lens implant to fix cataracts have been incorporated in patients around the United states, as well as Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Prelex actually begun before Lasik however seemed to be handicapped by means of lack of methods. But through the decades it have been perfected and some great benefits of the particular prelex course of action verify very excellent. The task makes it possible for people to see close to, far and near.   And so the prelex course of action doesn’t just supply excellent eye-sight, but it will illuminate you from enduring cataract surgical procedures in the future in lifetime.

Joe Montega reads about why Prelex is better then lasik

Actor Joe Montega talks to surgeon Dr. Khanna about having prelex surgery to fix his poor vision.

Emmy nominated actor Joe Montega from “Criminal Minds” talks to surgeon Dr. Khanna about having prelex surgery to fix vision.  Most people are familar with lasik  but not Prelex.  Lasik is often an expression that most are aware of and needs very little explanation. Lasik promises boosted vision correction in seconds along with a speedy recuperation. Prelex on the other hand, is an extremely innovative method that could substantially enhance the perspective of individuals. Prelex pertains to those that have also been considering a particular lasik method but were instructed they are not really prospects because they are too old to gain benefit form lasik. Prelex would be the solution to the lasik and age problem.
Prelex is a procedure which involves replacing the eyes natural lens and having an artificial, presbyopic lens put in instead. It is similar to cataracts surgery but the lens will allow you to see far, middle, and near without the use of contacts or glasses. Experts have compared this process to present day cataract surgery but say that it is even more beneficial because it actually prevents cataracts from forming on the lens. The prelex procedure was initially practiced throughout America hundreds of years ago but surgery features have since been revamped and it is even more improved today. It is now one of the fastest developing vision procedures all over the world in places such as Australia, Asia, and Africa.

Tony Denison from “The Closer” discovers Prelex.


Famous actor Tony Denison from the hit TNT show “The Closer” reads about having Prelex surgery to fix his vision.

Actor Tony Denison fromthe hit TNT show “The Closer” reads about having Prelex surgery to fix his vision.  A new book on Prelex is geared toward people above forty-five years of age who want to see better or just want to give up their contacts or glasses for distance and near vision. It is also for people who are currently suffering from Cataracts because this procedure miraculously prevents the development of cataracts in the future.
This new technology called Prelex has evolved over the last five decades and over the past several years millions of implants have been implanted in patients all across the United States, Europe, and Asia. An alignment of various fields of science has culminated into this new and exciting technology. Prelex eye surgery is the product of the merger between cataract surgery and Lasik. It originated before Lasik but was handicapped by lack of methods to take out the natural lens of the eye. The advantage of the prelex procedure now proves quite outstanding. This procedure allows individuals to see near, middle and distance without the use of glasses or contacts. Therefore the prelex procedure will not only provide the best vision possible, but it will prevent one from having to undergo cataract surgery later in life.

Hector Elizoondo from the “Princess Diaries” looks into Prelex instead of lasik

Famous actor Hector Elizondo from “Princess Diaries” & currently starring on “Last ManStanding” talks with surgeon Dr. Khanna about having Prelex to fix his vision.

Famous actor Hector Elizondo from “Princess Diaries” and “Last Man Standing” talks with surgeon Dr. Khanna about having Prelex instead of Lasik.  Lasik is really a term that most are acquainted with. Recognized as a fast repair to a number of vision issues, Lasik promises enhanced vision skills along with a fast recovery. Prelex nevertheless, is really a extremely advanced process that may significantly enhance the vision of individuals above age 45. For all those which have been thinking about the Lasik process, and have already been told they’re not candidates, or are as well old to advantage from the process, prelex might be the answer to help their vision aliments.
Prelex is a procedure which replaces the eyes natural lens and has an artificial, presbyopic len’s put in instead. Experts have compared this process to present day cataract surgery. The prelex procedure was initially practiced throughout America hundreds of years ago, features since also been revamped, and it is now one of the fastest developing vision procedures in the Europe.
Fortunately now there is a new book on Prelex where you can get all the information you need. Readers have already been waiting to get a book like this, a book that would analyze essential info concerning the prelex process and clarify its advances. The book provides each readers and patients with info concerning the newest and most advanced vision correction process, prelex.

Am I too old to have Prelex?

A wonderful lady from connecticut around 80 years of age (a woman never tells her age, she reminded us) asked whether she was too old to have Prelex. Prelex, as you may recall is an influential new vision correction procedure that concerns replacing the eyes normal lens using a presbyopic implant lens. This procedure is perfect for patients forty five and above and it can significantly improve vision and allow one to obtain quality vision for rest of their life. People younger than 45 have significant flexibility in their natural lens which allows them to continuously change the focussing power of their eye naturally. Since people older than 45 to 50 have already lost much of the flexibility in their natural lens, there is a loss of natural focusing flexibility.
This ability is regained in a Presbyopic refractive lens exchange procedure or Prelex.
You are never too young to fall in love(quote from Mother Teresa) or too old to have Prelex(Quote from the author of the book on Prelex). Here is a video of a 89 year old young man- why I love Prelex.
A refractive lens exchange is not generally recommended for people under 45, unless the diagnosis and careful testing reveals it to be the best option. The procedure is proving popular all over globe including India and Nigeria.
The experience of a new book termed Prelex enables millions of individuals the access to quality perspective, care, facts. In this prelex book readers can learn in regards to the prelex procedure.
The prelex process involves changing the eyes natural lens for just a presbyopic implant lens. There is a range of implant lenses from which to choose including; Restor, Crystalens, and Tecnis implants. Each lens deviates in potential and performance. A beneficial surgeon can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every single lens and together you may choose the best option for your lifestyle.
So this nice lady is visiting her daughter in maryland, to discuss having her prelex procedure.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Prelex book by Dr.Raj

Its always  a pleasure to see great people who endeavor to reach excellence in their filed. Its even more satisfying to see people who have achieved this after intense hard work. Two people come to mind. Wolf Blitzer an accomplished journalist, and Dr. Raj a deliverer of vision and a well reviewed author. Wolf Blitzer is a true journalist. He reports events, presenting all views, not tainting the observations with his views. Whether he is with heads of states or politicians without a head his calm manner does not change. He takes no B.S, and politely admonishes when the politicians refuse to answer his questions and hide behind talking points.

Have you noticed his new glasses? He has taken a page from the Drews. Drew Carrey and Dr. Drew. Both wear glasses with black frames and feel their persona is identified with those frames. In fact Drew Carrey felt his career took a stumble when he stopped wearing those frames. They did not have beards! Wolf has ditched his silver frames for these black ones, which cause a distraction against his black beard.

Mr. Blitzer needs to read to read the book by Dr. Raj on Prelex. He will realize all frames are expendible. Whether he be hosting presidential debates, or covering events in washington, tampa or south carolina or interviewing congressmen on capitol hill he will be free of dependance on those distracting glasses. In fact he will be able to frame his questions to Obama and Romney even better.

Anderson Cooper, cannot see 360

Another of our favorite journalists who is seen on the Anderson Cooper 360. Rather, he is the anchor of the show.(please don’t confuse with Dan Rather) We love him for his human expressive face and penchant for truth. His views reflect the full spectrum. But todays burning question is – can he see full spectrum?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Anderson, who turned 45 this year is hyperopic and presbyopic. To learn more about this condition read  chapter one. LAsik eye surgery is therefore not a very good choice for him. Without his glasses he cannot read small print or even his iphone 5. So when his eyes are naked (sans glasses) he can barely see the highlights of central park in new york. With his thick glasses that remind some of Buddy Holly, his field of vision is greatly diminished.

So what should he do? He should grab a copy of Prelex, why its better than lasik eye surgery for those above 45. Did we mention he just turned 45. Did we mention he shares his birthday with Dr. Raj’s mom.(oops, that was supposed to be a secret) Wow, it seems the book was written for him. Especially the pages which explain that a person like him after prelex will be able to see the warplanes, the teleprompter and the script on his news sheet without glasses. Than his field of vision will be truly 360. And than he can really blast wolf on the Ridiculist.


Learn more about Prelex.

Almost everybody has learned about Lasik medical procedure.This surgery was invented towards the last part of the previous surgery. The best age group to do lasik eye surgery in the United States is from 18 to 40 years of age. Many people likewise have coworkers or friends that have undergone this eye procedure & in addition have reached useful results.

On the other hand have you ever heard about the Prelex procedure? Prelex is a modern eye treatment that needs exchanging the particular healthy lens by having an artificial, presbyopic len’s placed in the eye. Professionals call this surgery the modern-day cataract medical procedure. The cataract remedy was applied for centuries before and currently Prelex is amongst the fastest rising eye-sight treatment within the England.
What’s so great about the particular prelex remedy? The treatment permits individuals to get near, and distance in addition to in between. The procedure in addition inhibits the progress of cataracts as the cataracts are not able to build inside the artificial lens. So this means prelex treatment will give top quality vision, nonetheless it will eventually probably avoid the need to go through cataract medical procedures later about in way of life.
This new surgery is innovative in addition to successful and can be found in a brand new book known as Prelex. This type of brand-new distribution Prelex book, will describe comprehensive treatments in addition to support people to discover if they are definitely candidates. Besides information relating to Prelex, the certain publication may give tips in relation to healthy eye-sight, giving guidelines as to what needs be expected regarding cataracts and prelex.


Were you all set to have lasik surgery performed on your eyes, and found you were not a candidate? You were instead informed that you have cataracts and were therefore not a candidate for lasik eye surgery.
You need not be disheartened. If you read the book on prelex you may realize the cataracts were a blessing in disguise.Whether you live in Jacksonvile, Florida or Bakersfield, California, you can read this informative book. You can even download it to kindle.

What you will learn will benefit you for the rest of your life. This book is easy to read and understand.

P.S Lasik eye surgery is typically performed in young people, usually between 18 to 40 years of age.