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No blades please- we are American

By admin / March 3, 2013

The laser precision is equally useful in wound creation. The precise openings allow the entry and exit of instruments and insertion of the pi without undue stress and consequently inadvertent enlarging of the wound. This prevents wound leakage at the end of the case and faster healing. Let us look at the splitting of the […]


I care for Eye Care

By admin / October 5, 2012

Ok folks this is the eye care month. as you know we really care for eyes. That was the inspiration in writing the book prelex which has broken the top 100 k mark on Amazon. Today we will lok at some ways to beat the insurance industry and take care of our own eyes. What […]


Prelex, a new age process for improving vision after age 45

By admin / September 18, 2012

Most everybody has heard of Cataract eye surgery, in reality many people have had  family members which have undergone th.is surgery and achieved effective outcomes. Nevertheless, most haven’t heard of Prelex, just yet. As the word of the book on Prelex spreads more people from San Deigo on the west coast to Albany on the […]