Christopher MacDonald thinks about having Prelex to fix his vision

Actor Christopher MacDonald of “Boardwalk Empire”, “Harry’s Law”, and “Happy Gilmore” discusses Prelex surgery with Dr. Khanna

Actor Christopher MacDonald from the film “Happy Gilmore”, “Harrys Law”, and “Boardwalk Empire” discusses Prelex surgery with Dr. Khanna. Prelex is a new surgery to correct vision.  Unlike lasik it will last your enitre life.  Prelex is only for individuals over forty-five who can not have lasik because of age.  Prelex involves changing the eyes natural lens and is a great surgery for those who want to get of  those pesty reading glasses.  There is now a new Prelex book called “Prelex” on Amazon that has all the information on the Prelex surgery.  Lots of people are already benefiting from the Prelex surgery.


Leslie David Baker from The Office considers Prelex to fix his vision

Actor Leslie David Baker from the hit show “The Office” looks into having Prelex surgery with Dr. Khannas new Prelex Book.

We all love the hilarious actor “Leslie David Baker”  from the emmy award winning show “The office”.  Laslie David looks into having Prelex with Dr. Khanna of Khanna Vision Institute.  Prelex is the new lasik for people over forty-five years of age.  Prelex lasts for the rest of your life, you will never need glasses again, and you will never develop cataracts.  It works by changing the natural lens of your eye.  The surgery is painless, quick, and will last forever.  All over the globe people are experienceing the benefits of this new technology.  All the information for Prelex eye surgery can be found from a new book called Prelex written by a board certified opthalmologist.  The book can be found on Amazon and will walk you through everything you need to know about Prelex.

Actor Michael Paul Chen and new Prelex book

Dr. Khanna & Michael Paul Chen

Actor Michael Paul Chen from the show “Arrested Development” and “Major Crimes” talks with Dr. Khanna about Prelex to fix his poor vision. 

Prelex is a great investment for older adults because it will last the rest of your life unlike Lasik eye surgery.  Prelex is a newer technology that changes the natural lens of the eye with a man-mad lens.  The procedure is very similar to cataract surgery although with Prelex you will be able to see far, middle, and near is each eye.  Also, cataracts can not develop on a mad made lens therefore you will never develop cataracts in your lifetime.  Prelex has actually been around for awhile and people all over the globe are discovering its outstanding benefits.  Thousands of Prelex surgeries are performed all over America, Europe, Africa and many other countries and Prelex is now becoming the new Lasik.   You can get all the information about Prelex in a new book by Dr. Khanna, a board certified ophthalmologist.  The book was written because many people are unfamiliar with this procedure that can benefit thousands of individuals.  The book is called Prelex and is available on Amazon.

Prelex Book and Ashley Agota from “True Jackson VP”


Actress Ashely Agota from “Bucket and Skinner”and from “True Jackson VP”  meets with Lasik Surgeon Dr. Khanna about his new Prelex Book. 

Prelex is a new technology that allows individuals over the age of forty-five to see close-up, middle, and far.  This is not mono-vision where one eye is far and one eye is near.  This new procedure exchanges the eyes natural lens with a man-made lens in both eyes.  This procedure is actually better then lasik for individuals over forty-five because the surgery is good for life, unlike lasik eye surgery.  And, not only will you be able to see good for the rest of your life but Prelex surgery prevents a person from developing cataracts.  This is because cataracts cannot develop of the man-made lens.  Although this procedure is being called new, it actually has existed for many years but has not been perfected till the last ten years.  Thousands of people all over the world are already experiencing the amazing effect of having Prelex.  People from India, Africa, Europe are all able to have this surgery done by a skilled board certified professional.  You can find all the information regarding Prelex surgery from a new book called Prelex which is now being sold on Amazon.


Kym Whitley from “We bought a zoo” decides on Prelex instead of Lasik.

Actress Kym Whitley from the film “We Bought a Zoo” and “Animal Practice” looks into having Prelex vision correction with Dr. Khanna so she can see far, middle, and near.

Actress Kym Whitley from the film “We Bought a Zoo” and “Animal Practice” looks into having Prelex vision correction with Dr. Khanna so she can see far, middle, and near.

Kym Whitley found all her Prelex  information from a new book called Prelex. Which is geared toward men and women over forty-five years of age who want to observe much better, or even wish to give up their own contact lenses. Prelex  is usually for individuals that are currently affected by Cataracts but this surgery will also miraculously steer you clear of the progress associated with cataracts in the future because cataracts can not grow on a prelex lens.
Prelex has evolved throughout the last several ages. Lens implant to fix cataracts have been incorporated in patients around the United states, as well as Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Prelex actually begun before Lasik however seemed to be handicapped by means of lack of methods. But through the decades it have been perfected and some great benefits of the particular prelex course of action verify very excellent. The task makes it possible for people to see close to, far and near.   And so the prelex course of action doesn’t just supply excellent eye-sight, but it will illuminate you from enduring cataract surgical procedures in the future in lifetime.

Does Modern Family read Prelex Book?


Young Actor Noland Gould from the Emmy winning show “Modern Family” meets with Dr. Khanna, the lasik and prelex surgeon to the stars.

Emmy nominated actor Noland Gould from Modern Family  reads about Dr. Khannas new Prelex book.  This new Prelex book is aimed toward individuals forty five years and older who want to avoid having the dreaded cataracts surgery, as well as would like to give that up their spectacles for reading. The process of having prelex surgery  will ultimately avoid the growth involving cataracts in the foreseeable future. Prelex vision correction is not the same as Lasik where in Lasik the health practitioner will be resurfacing the actual cornea. In Prelex the surgeon will change out the eyes natural lens with a man-made lens  that is good for life.  This new lens will allow you to see far, middle, and in between.  Thereby this is not a mono-vision surgery


Moreover, you will discover various lens for Cataract in addition to Prelex that could be preferred with the affected person. You possibly can visualize the actual lens like a make of clothes. You will discover various manufacturer in addition to every features their advantages and disadvantages. The doctor will pick the best lens good patients’ desires in addition to funding options. The truly great aspect about Cataract in addition to Prelex surgical procedures will be it’s perfect for lifestyle in addition to enables you to view around considerably in addition to everything between, where by with Lasik surgical procedures there is certainly the chance that you will need the enhancement throughout your lifetime.
This new technology called Prelex has developed over the last five decades. Within the last few decades an incredible number of implants are already implanted within people all across the world including North America, Africa, Asia, South America, and Middle East. What’s so great about the actual prelex process demonstrate rather outstanding results. The method allows persons to see far, middle, and near without help from contacts and glasses. Therefore the prelex process will not only produce top quality results, but it will stop just one via the need to experience cataract surgical procedures later within lifestyle.

Heard about Prelex? See far, middle, and near with Prelex!

Almost everybody has heard about Lasik medical procedures. Many people also have buddies or maybe family which have gone through this medical procedure as well as reached outstanding results. Moreover, almost all have never heard about Prelex. Prelex is a new age treatment that involves exchanging the eyes healthy len’s with an artificial, presbyopic lens. This prelex treatment was started in the United States ages before and it is currently among the fastest growing imaginative and prescient vision treatments in the Canada.
What’s so great about the particular prelex treatment? The procedure permits individuals to discover near, distance as well as in between. The procedure in addition inhibits the particular progress involving cataracts as cataracts are not able to build within the artificial the len’s. Which means prelex treatment will supply top quality vision, nonetheless it will probably avoid the need to go through cataract medical procedures later on in lifestyle.
This surgery which is innovative as well as successful is talked about in a new book called Prelex. This kind of brand-new publication Prelex, will probably describe the treatment comprehensive as well as support people to discover if they usually are candidates. In addition to information regarding Prelex, the particular publication can give tips with regards to healthy vision, giving tips, as well as speech involving the inside to ophthalmology.

Feel free to ask question from the authority on Prelex- Rajesh Khanna, MD. Hey, please read the book on prelex written by him first