Does Modern Family read Prelex Book?


Young Actor Noland Gould from the Emmy winning show “Modern Family” meets with Dr. Khanna, the lasik and prelex surgeon to the stars.

Emmy nominated actor Noland Gould from Modern Family  reads about Dr. Khannas new Prelex book.  This new Prelex book is aimed toward individuals forty five years and older who want to avoid having the dreaded cataracts surgery, as well as would like to give that up their spectacles for reading. The process of having prelex surgery  will ultimately avoid the growth involving cataracts in the foreseeable future. Prelex vision correction is not the same as Lasik where in Lasik the health practitioner will be resurfacing the actual cornea. In Prelex the surgeon will change out the eyes natural lens with a man-made lens  that is good for life.  This new lens will allow you to see far, middle, and in between.  Thereby this is not a mono-vision surgery


Moreover, you will discover various lens for Cataract in addition to Prelex that could be preferred with the affected person. You possibly can visualize the actual lens like a make of clothes. You will discover various manufacturer in addition to every features their advantages and disadvantages. The doctor will pick the best lens good patients’ desires in addition to funding options. The truly great aspect about Cataract in addition to Prelex surgical procedures will be it’s perfect for lifestyle in addition to enables you to view around considerably in addition to everything between, where by with Lasik surgical procedures there is certainly the chance that you will need the enhancement throughout your lifetime.
This new technology called Prelex has developed over the last five decades. Within the last few decades an incredible number of implants are already implanted within people all across the world including North America, Africa, Asia, South America, and Middle East. What’s so great about the actual prelex process demonstrate rather outstanding results. The method allows persons to see far, middle, and near without help from contacts and glasses. Therefore the prelex process will not only produce top quality results, but it will stop just one via the need to experience cataract surgical procedures later within lifestyle.

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