Clinton Global Initiative and book on Prelex eye surgery

The goal of cliniton global initiative is to spread health all over the world.This gentleman from humble beginnings in Little rock, Arkansas has taken public service to a global level. The more people benefit the more successful the venture. A nice comparison to the wonderful book on Prelex which can benefit people all over the globe. Be it Tehran, Seoul or Peshawar there is freedom to read this informative book everywhere. As more people read and educate themselves on this cutting edge procedure,the global happiness level increases. They can donate their old glasses to the clinton initiative which can distribute them to the poorest of the poor. So lets all hail to the Chief and Ale to the book on Prelex eye surgery.

People of Louisiana also can be should be proud of President Clinton, as he was born there. He also informed us of an interesting fact. Anyone born in Louisiana part of the Louisiana purchase from the french are eligible for French citizenship if they speak fluent French. If anyone does go yonder don’t forget to pack your bags with the most important thing- the book on prelex eye surgery. You may have to translate it into French for the non english speaking folks.