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Friends & family; Prelex book will be FREE on AMAZON Kindle from 12 AM PST October 10th to 12 AM October 12th.

as you know prelex eye surgery is the latest innovation in eye procedures to enhance lifestyle. A lot of people are unaware of this. So Dr. Raj wrote a book on the subject. A lot of friends from around the world requested to get the book. They were having trouble downloading because of currency issues. In a magnanimous gesture Dr. Raj decided to make it available for free download for two days.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to get an amazing book for free. Gain knowledge about the latest in eyes. learn why prelex eye procedure may be better than LASIK surgery

Book Signing for Hollywood Celebrities.

We are proud to announce that Dr.Raj will be at the sportsman lodge near Hollywood to do a special book signing. This is an exclusive invite for the nominees of the Emmy awards. The book signing for the book – Prelex will take place on saturday September 22 2012. Their will be a lot of celebrities. Please continue to read our blog and we promise we will reveal the list of  fashionable stars who will grace the event.

Guess who is organizing this event? Nancy Borgnine, the daughter of the famous Ernest Borgnine. As you may be awre that Ernest had won SAG lifetime achievement award. What many of you may not be aware is that he passed away after a lung infection this year.

Dr. Raj was saddened by the passing away of this artist. Ernest was a patient of Dr. Raj and loved the way the doc treated him. He even allowed a video of his eye exam to be recorded. (Unlike the video of Romney and his donors which was taped secretly, this was done with consent).

This book signing is dedicated to one of the greatest actors of all times.