Iphone 5 & Prelex eye surgery

What good is bidding for an iphone on ebay for $10,000 if you cant see the phone? If you are approaching 55 or are 72 and have cataracts, than a better investment would be to undergo prelex eye procedure. If you want to learn more about the procedure before contemplating it there is an option. Invest 10 bucks (please note that is 3 zeroes less than bidding on the iphone:-) in a great book about the subject of prelex. wherever in the 50 states of USA or its territories you may be living in this, you can buy this book. Of course , you can buy it in England, Canada and even in India.

Or you could have the best of both worlds. Buy an iphone at the regular price, and the book of  Prelex at the regular price. Read and learn all about the procedure of prelex and how it is more advanced than lasik eye surgery. Than use your new iphone to google the best Prelex surgeon. USe the same phone to click to call the doctors office to book a consult. Dot hesitate to take your book along with you to the consultation. That book would be your friend throughout the procedure.

Display it with pride – Prelex Book by a Prelex Surgeon.