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Dr. Rajesh Khanna Hosts a Health Chat Sponsored by Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center

Thursday October 18th, over one hundred well educated senior community members came out to hear a speaking engagement featuring Dr. Rajesh Khanna. The event was held by Los Robles hospital and medical center, and is a part of their health chat series, which features a variety of local doctors, that can offer valuable medical advice to community members. During the informative health chat, Dr. Khanna discussed the significance and development of cataracts, and the most promising and advanced treatment, called prelex.

Dr. Khanna began the discussion by explaining the structure of the eye and the changes that occur overtime. One of the most common eye aliments is cataracts; more than 20.5 million Americans over the age of 45, are affected by cataracts each year.

So what is a cataract? A cataract is the natural deterioration of the lens. This process can cause blurry vision, and if the cataract is advanced, it can cause the patient severe vision difficulty. Common treatments that are often recommended include drops, and vitamins. Dr. Khanna states, that there is extensive research showing that neither of these options are useful. Instead, Dr. Khanna suggests the cataract procedure. Cataract surgery was invented over 2,000 years ago, and has since been refined. About 40 years ago modern cataract surgery was developed. Recent advances in refractive cataract and prelex procedures were explained during the health chat. Dr. Khanna also talked about presbyopic implants, such as restore, tecnis, and crystalens. This interactive session led to a lot of questions from the listeners.

1.)    Can astigmatism be corrected at time of the cataract surgery?

Answer: Yes by laser assisted cataract surgery, another option is Toric IOL.

2.)    Can cataracts be done in presence of macular degeneration?

Answer: Yes, if it dry macular degeneration.


3.)    Does insurance cover some of the costs of laser assisted cataract surgery?

Answer: Yes


4.)    Where can we buy your book?

Answer: or by calling our office (805) 230-2126