Obamacare Prelex and Romney

The biggest threat to our country is the deficit facing us. So say the experts. This sentiment was echoed by the candidates for 2012 election from all parties in a town hall meeting with the doctors. What they further stressed that their main worry is health delivery. Medicare is on the brink of  economic collapse. If people did not need so many surgeries while on medicare the reimbursements can decrease, and medicare may be saved. President Obama has come with an approach termed Obamacare. Governor Romney was the architect of a program in Massachusetts which enabled insurance for all.

We would like to introduce a program called Khannacares. The s at the end of the word is very significant. As a physicina Dr. Raj really cares for his patients and would like to take that approach to washintion through his readers and reoresentatives.

Whats the big difference? Obamacare and Romneycare only ensure insurance for all. Khannacares stresses health for all. What use is having insurance if you can’t find providers? If you find a provider, they may be not interested in risking their license and career for the measly amount paid by the insurance for a tough procedure. Where is the safety net? By insuring buying insurance all we have achieved is guaranteed revenue for the insurance industry. Its time we shifted the focus to actual human beings. Lets shift the focus from the well meaning bureaucrats in washington to people in their communities.

We would like to stress that Insurance industry, corporations and Washington D.C are all staffed or run by people. The rhetoric of labeling Washington D.C and Corporations with various epitaphs for sound bytes needs to end. Doctors need to be actively involved to save the best health system in the world.

P.S Did you miss prelex in this bog?