Solvency of medicare and prelex

when one undergoes prelex they never develop cataracts. Therefore a person living in Bethesda, MD or Valencia,Ca can enjoy great vision with prelex. At the same Medicare would be spared the expense of paying for cataract surgery.
Of,course Medicare does not pay much for cataract surgery. In the future as beneficiaries increase the reimbursement for the catarct procedure would have to decrease even further. This would lead to a shortage of qualified skilled surgeons proficient in cataract surgery who are willing to accept Medicare.
Lets solve this problem by opting to have prelex which is better than lasik for people above 45 years of age. I think both Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama would agree this is a good strategy to save government some money and i mprove health of the peopke. We welcome suggestions from people all over the United States regarding Prelex and Medicare.