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The laser precision is equally useful in wound creation. The precise openings allow the entry and exit of instruments and insertion of the pi without undue stress and consequently inadvertent enlarging of the wound. This prevents wound leakage at the end of the case and faster healing.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 6.05.13 PMLet us look at the splitting of the lens by laser. It is important to realize this is done without any stress on the capsular bag or the zonular support system.

The opening in the lens bag or capsulorhexis is made first. This is followed by the patterned breakup of the lens. It can be cut into 2, 4 or 6 pieces. The center core may be delineated too. The depth of these lenticular cuts can again be controlled.

The depth of the cuts can be controlled in real time. The energy is delivered from the bottom towards the top. This allows gas generated by conversion of the lens material into plasma to escape as well allow the subsequent beam to work without interference from the gas bubbles. The option till now was to use sound energy. This can cause inflammation and affect the functioning of the cornea. In dense cataracts the bottom is difficult to perceive so the capsule can be accidentally ruptured. Again, the real time display and the ability to be precise and avoid the bottom of the bag is a boon when using the laser for cataract or Prelex procedure. Lets talk about breaking these hard lenses. It’s a real pain for the surgeon and patient alike to work on these cataracts with sound wave technology. It takes times and a lot of energy to accomplish this with traditional technology. This is where progress in laser technology will help even more in the future.


I care for Eye Care

Ok folks this is the eye care month. as you know we really care for eyes. That was the inspiration in writing the book prelex which has broken the top 100 k mark on Amazon. Today we will lok at some ways to beat the insurance industry and take care of our own eyes.

What should we eat?

1 Foods rich in vitamin A : Butternut squash, almonds, kale and other green leafy vegetable.

2. Balanced nutritious diet including some oils. Vitamin A is fat soluble and can only be then absorbed.

What should we wear?

1 Sunglasses or a cap keeps UV radiation out

2 Sunglasses also keep dust and allergen out.

3 Protective glasses when welding, gardening or working with drills

What should correct our refractive problems?

1. LASIK : Its safer than contact lenses

2 Prelex : its best for people above 45

What should be our daily eye care routine?

1. Wash your eyes in the morning to help remove secretions.

2. Evening wash to remove dust and allergens.

3. Rose water may be even better for these eye washes.

What should we avoid?

1. Contact lenses as they can cause sight threatening infections.

2 Visine eye drops

3 Rubbing eye

Prelex, a new age process for improving vision after age 45

Most everybody has heard of Cataract eye surgery, in reality many people have had  family members which have undergone surgery and achieved effective outcomes. Nevertheless, most haven’t heard of Prelex, just yet. As the word of the book on Prelex spreads more people from San Deigo on the west coast to Albany on the east coast would learn about this wonderful new procedure.

So where can you buy this book by an experienced prelex surgeon? Here is a link on Amazon – Buy Prelex Book.

Prelex is really a new age process that replace the natural lens with an artificial, presbyopic lens. Specialists have compared this process to contemporary day Lasik surgery. The prelex process was initially practiced in the Europe 4 decades ago, has been revamped, and is presently from the fastest expanding vision procedures within France.
The benefits from the prelex process prove fairly outstanding. The process enables people to determine close, middle and distance objects without the use of glasses or contacts for the rest of their lives. Imagine getting up in the morning and being able to see the alarm clock across the room for the rest of your lives.

This process also prevents the development of cataracts as cataracts are unable to create in an artificial lens. As a result the prelex process won’t only offer high quality vision moreover it will stop 1 from having to undergo cataract surgery later in life.