Tony Denison from “The Closer” discovers Prelex.


Famous actor Tony Denison from the hit TNT show “The Closer” reads about having Prelex surgery to fix his vision.

Actor Tony Denison fromthe hit TNT show “The Closer” reads about having Prelex surgery to fix his vision.  A new book on Prelex is geared toward people above forty-five years of age who want to see better or just want to give up their contacts or glasses for distance and near vision. It is also for people who are currently suffering from Cataracts because this procedure miraculously prevents the development of cataracts in the future.
This new technology called Prelex has evolved over the last five decades and over the past several years millions of implants have been implanted in patients all across the United States, Europe, and Asia. An alignment of various fields of science has culminated into this new and exciting technology. Prelex eye surgery is the product of the merger between cataract surgery and Lasik. It originated before Lasik but was handicapped by lack of methods to take out the natural lens of the eye. The advantage of the prelex procedure now proves quite outstanding. This procedure allows individuals to see near, middle and distance without the use of glasses or contacts. Therefore the prelex procedure will not only provide the best vision possible, but it will prevent one from having to undergo cataract surgery later in life.

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