Christopher MacDonald thinks about having Prelex to fix his vision

Actor Christopher MacDonald of “Boardwalk Empire”, “Harry’s Law”, and “Happy Gilmore” discusses Prelex surgery with Dr. Khanna

Actor Christopher MacDonald from the film “Happy Gilmore”, “Harrys Law”, and “Boardwalk Empire” discusses Prelex surgery with Dr. Khanna. Prelex is a new surgery to correct vision.  Unlike lasik it will last your enitre life.  Prelex is only for individuals over forty-five who can not have lasik because of age.  Prelex involves changing the eyes natural lens and is a great surgery for those who want to get of  those pesty reading glasses.  There is now a new Prelex book called “Prelex” on Amazon that has all the information on the Prelex surgery.  Lots of people are already benefiting from the Prelex surgery.


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