Joe Montega reads about why Prelex is better then lasik

Actor Joe Montega talks to surgeon Dr. Khanna about having prelex surgery to fix his poor vision.

Emmy nominated actor Joe Montega from “Criminal Minds” talks to surgeon Dr. Khanna about having prelex surgery to fix vision.  Most people are familar with lasik  but not Prelex.  Lasik is often an expression that most are aware of and needs very little explanation. Lasik promises boosted vision correction in seconds along with a speedy recuperation. Prelex on the other hand, is an extremely innovative method that could substantially enhance the perspective of individuals. Prelex pertains to those that have also been considering a particular lasik method but were instructed they are not really prospects because they are too old to gain benefit form lasik. Prelex would be the solution to the lasik and age problem.
Prelex is a procedure which involves replacing the eyes natural lens and having an artificial, presbyopic lens put in instead. It is similar to cataracts surgery but the lens will allow you to see far, middle, and near without the use of contacts or glasses. Experts have compared this process to present day cataract surgery but say that it is even more beneficial because it actually prevents cataracts from forming on the lens. The prelex procedure was initially practiced throughout America hundreds of years ago but surgery features have since been revamped and it is even more improved today. It is now one of the fastest developing vision procedures all over the world in places such as Australia, Asia, and Africa.

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