Innocence of aging eyes

When we were born did we know that one day we would loos the power to read. Or one day we may need glasses to see even movies. Or one day horrbly made poor videos would grab world attention while great books like on the subject of Prelex eye surgery would have to be googled for.

How come people dont take to the streets and celebrate knowledgeable books whcih enhance our minds and vision? Is the media to blame? We should challenge Hannity,Erin and Rachael to cover one heart warming, educating story for every 4 destructive stories they cover.

Also why bad news spreads faster than good news. Are we hard wired like that or does the society leave its impritn on us. We all need to reflect on this.
In the meantime lets educate ourselves by reading educative books like the book on Prelex by Dr.Raj. It will explain the workings of the eye and how to rectivy its shortcomings.

You know what is good about this book? It is applicable to people of all faith. Whether you practice the teachings of Buddha, or describe yourself as a Mormon, whether you are a chrishtian or a muslim, your eyes can be improved with prelex eye surgery. A short procedure and a life time of vision.