I care for Eye Care

Ok folks this is the eye care month. as you know we really care for eyes. That was the inspiration in writing the book prelex which has broken the top 100 k mark on Amazon. Today we will lok at some ways to beat the insurance industry and take care of our own eyes.

What should we eat?

1 Foods rich in vitamin A : Butternut squash, almonds, kale and other green leafy vegetable.

2. Balanced nutritious diet including some oils. Vitamin A is fat soluble and can only be then absorbed.

What should we wear?

1 Sunglasses or a cap keeps UV radiation out

2 Sunglasses also keep dust and allergen out.

3 Protective glasses when welding, gardening or working with drills

What should correct our refractive problems?

1. LASIK : Its safer than contact lenses

2 Prelex : its best for people above 45

What should be our daily eye care routine?

1. Wash your eyes in the morning to help remove secretions.

2. Evening wash to remove dust and allergens.

3. Rose water may be even better for these eye washes.

What should we avoid?

1. Contact lenses as they can cause sight threatening infections.

2 Visine eye drops

3 Rubbing eye

Chapter 3 What is Prelex?

The question on everyones mind is – what is this Prelex? How come we have not heard much about it.
That is why Dr Raj wrote this wonderful book for non medical people. So they can learn about real important stu ff which has been neglected by the media till now. Well, the media has started covering this subject as can be seen with various articles written about the book.
Some other questions adressed in this chapter arevvery intersting, like how long has prelex been around, and who can have it.You will be thrilled to read it is a short painless outpatient procedure. You will love to read the differences between cataract and prelex procedure.
What are you waiting for? Read the this comprehesible book to find out if you arae a candidate for Prelex.
Other questions answered are
Will it prevent other diseases?
Will my prescription change after prelex?