Acorn reviews Prelex book

Dr. Rajesh Khanna, right, an internationally recognized LASIK
and refractive vision care specialist, has written a new book. Prelex, his
first book, explains the Prelex procedure in its entirety. He also explains
the basics of the human eye, vision and how vision changes over time.
LASIK is a term that most are familiar with and needs little explanation.
Prelex, however, is a highly advanced procedure that can dramatically
improve the vision of people over age 45. Khanna explains presbyopia,
which usually begins around age 40. Presbyopia is the inability of the
old, thick, resistant lens to change shape and focus power. Rather
than suffering from poor vision, unsure of the cause, readers are now
able to understand exactly what is occurring, learn about Prelex and
how it can improve their lives. Prelex is available at

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