Chapter 1-how the eye works

In chapter 1 of the book on Prelex authored by an experienced Prelex surgeon, we learn basics about the eye. The eye has often been compared to a camera. Has it ever intrigued you that how objects and sceneries at different distances can be visualized by a person?

In simple easy to understand English the author Dr.Raj walks us through the structure of the eye. He explains the function of each part of this marvelous organ which allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature. The vivid colors, the beautiful sunsets, video games and the latest blockbusters make our life enjoyable and for that we need good vision. What prevents some people from getting this vision is explained when he discusses myopia or nearsightedness and hyperopia or farsightedness. For the first time you may truly understand what is astigmatism and why it causes redness of the eyes and headaches.

One will also comprehend the difference between hyperopia and presbyopia. Presbyopia is the aging eyes which necessities carrying the readers in ones pocket.

This chapter should appeal to all american readers, young and old.

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