Predisposing factors for Dry Eye

What makes a person’s eye dry? Are we destined to suffer from dry eyes or does modern technological society with rampant pollution induce it? Did our grandmothers suffer from it? Lets ponder on these frequently asked questions.

 Aging: As we revolve around the yellow sun we seem to loose all our strength and powers. Maybe if we were on krypton we would become stronger. On earth, every year production of fluids decrease. so we have aching joints and drier eyes

 Menopause : Need we say more? Hormones decrease affecting the functioning of the tear glands

 Allergy Response

 Environmental Stresses

 Contact Lens Wear: Is it sane to put foreign bodies in your eyes?

 Wind and Air Pollution: The megapolis with remnants of the industrial revolution, and craze for cars.

 Sunlight

 Ocular Surgery such as LASIK or Corneal Transplant. They transect the corneal nerves affecting reflex tear pathways.

 Medications / Topical Medications

 Preservatives in Artificial Tears

 Systemic Medicines- Antihypertensive, Antiandrogen, Anticholinergic, Antidepressant, Cardiac Antiarrhythmic drugs, Anti Parkinson’s

disease agents, Antihistamines

Figure 11.2 Dry Eye Disease: Predisposing Factors

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