Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Prelex book by Dr.Raj

Its always  a pleasure to see great people who endeavor to reach excellence in their filed. Its even more satisfying to see people who have achieved this after intense hard work. Two people come to mind. Wolf Blitzer an accomplished journalist, and Dr. Raj a deliverer of vision and a well reviewed author. Wolf Blitzer is a true journalist. He reports events, presenting all views, not tainting the observations with his views. Whether he is with heads of states or politicians without a head his calm manner does not change. He takes no B.S, and politely admonishes when the politicians refuse to answer his questions and hide behind talking points.

Have you noticed his new glasses? He has taken a page from the Drews. Drew Carrey and Dr. Drew. Both wear glasses with black frames and feel their persona is identified with those frames. In fact Drew Carrey felt his career took a stumble when he stopped wearing those frames. They did not have beards! Wolf has ditched his silver frames for these black ones, which cause a distraction against his black beard.

Mr. Blitzer needs to read to read the book by Dr. Raj on Prelex. He will realize all frames are expendible. Whether he be hosting presidential debates, or covering events in washington, tampa or south carolina or interviewing congressmen on capitol hill he will be free of dependance on those distracting glasses. In fact he will be able to frame his questions to Obama and Romney even better.

Dont develop cataracts with Prelex procedure.

Prelex, now more popular than ever before in Florida, is really a new age process that entails getting rid of the eyes dysfunctional lens and changing it by having an synthetic biocompatible presbyopic implant lens. This process is remarkably influential simply because it enables sufferers to determine close to, center, as well as distance without the usage of contacts or eyeglasses. In addition, this process will conserve sufferers from getting to go through a cataract surgical procedure later on in lifestyle, as cataracts are not able to generate in synthetic lenses. Imagine being able to see your kids baseball game without glasses.
As defined previously, the prelex process entails exchanging the eyes worn out all-natural lens to get a presbyopic implant lens. There’s a number of implant lenses to decide on from such as; Restor, Crystalens, and Tecnis implants. Every lens differs in ability and overall performance. A board certified surgeon will talk about the positives and negatives of every lens and with each other you’ll deifier which lens most closely fits your way of life. Information regarding this exciting procedure can be found in a new book called Prelex which can be found on Amazon. The wonderful guide will give sufferers perception, permitting them to ponder the process, comprehend the surgeon/patient consultation, discover the benefits of prelex over lasik, and allow individuals to comprehend the entirety from the process and precisely what it involves. So whether you live in Tampa, Miami or Orlando – you have got to read this book to educate yourself and enhance your lifestyle. You can even take the book to a nice beach in Ft. Lauderdale to read it

Anderson Cooper, cannot see 360

Another of our favorite journalists who is seen on the Anderson Cooper 360. Rather, he is the anchor of the show.(please don’t confuse with Dan Rather) We love him for his human expressive face and penchant for truth. His views reflect the full spectrum. But todays burning question is – can he see full spectrum?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Anderson, who turned 45 this year is hyperopic and presbyopic. To learn more about this condition read  chapter one. LAsik eye surgery is therefore not a very good choice for him. Without his glasses he cannot read small print or even his iphone 5. So when his eyes are naked (sans glasses) he can barely see the highlights of central park in new york. With his thick glasses that remind some of Buddy Holly, his field of vision is greatly diminished.

So what should he do? He should grab a copy of Prelex, why its better than lasik eye surgery for those above 45. Did we mention he just turned 45. Did we mention he shares his birthday with Dr. Raj’s mom.(oops, that was supposed to be a secret) Wow, it seems the book was written for him. Especially the pages which explain that a person like him after prelex will be able to see the warplanes, the teleprompter and the script on his news sheet without glasses. Than his field of vision will be truly 360. And than he can really blast wolf on the Ridiculist.


Iphone 5 & Prelex eye surgery

What good is bidding for an iphone on ebay for $10,000 if you cant see the phone? If you are approaching 55 or are 72 and have cataracts, than a better investment would be to undergo prelex eye procedure. If you want to learn more about the procedure before contemplating it there is an option. Invest 10 bucks (please note that is 3 zeroes less than bidding on the iphone:-) in a great book about the subject of prelex. wherever in the 50 states of USA or its territories you may be living in this, you can buy this book. Of course , you can buy it in England, Canada and even in India.

Or you could have the best of both worlds. Buy an iphone at the regular price, and the book of  Prelex at the regular price. Read and learn all about the procedure of prelex and how it is more advanced than lasik eye surgery. Than use your new iphone to google the best Prelex surgeon. USe the same phone to click to call the doctors office to book a consult. Dot hesitate to take your book along with you to the consultation. That book would be your friend throughout the procedure.

Display it with pride – Prelex Book by a Prelex Surgeon.

Book Signing for Hollywood Celebrities.

We are proud to announce that Dr.Raj will be at the sportsman lodge near Hollywood to do a special book signing. This is an exclusive invite for the nominees of the Emmy awards. The book signing for the book – Prelex will take place on saturday September 22 2012. Their will be a lot of celebrities. Please continue to read our blog and we promise we will reveal the list of  fashionable stars who will grace the event.

Guess who is organizing this event? Nancy Borgnine, the daughter of the famous Ernest Borgnine. As you may be awre that Ernest had won SAG lifetime achievement award. What many of you may not be aware is that he passed away after a lung infection this year.

Dr. Raj was saddened by the passing away of this artist. Ernest was a patient of Dr. Raj and loved the way the doc treated him. He even allowed a video of his eye exam to be recorded. (Unlike the video of Romney and his donors which was taped secretly, this was done with consent).

This book signing is dedicated to one of the greatest actors of all times.

Chapter 3 What is Prelex?

The question on everyones mind is – what is this Prelex? How come we have not heard much about it.
That is why Dr Raj wrote this wonderful book for non medical people. So they can learn about real important stu ff which has been neglected by the media till now. Well, the media has started covering this subject as can be seen with various articles written about the book.
Some other questions adressed in this chapter arevvery intersting, like how long has prelex been around, and who can have it.You will be thrilled to read it is a short painless outpatient procedure. You will love to read the differences between cataract and prelex procedure.
What are you waiting for? Read the this comprehesible book to find out if you arae a candidate for Prelex.
Other questions answered are
Will it prevent other diseases?
Will my prescription change after prelex?

Obamacare Prelex and Romney

The biggest threat to our country is the deficit facing us. So say the experts. This sentiment was echoed by the candidates for 2012 election from all parties in a town hall meeting with the doctors. What they further stressed that their main worry is health delivery. Medicare is on the brink of  economic collapse. If people did not need so many surgeries while on medicare the reimbursements can decrease, and medicare may be saved. President Obama has come with an approach termed Obamacare. Governor Romney was the architect of a program in Massachusetts which enabled insurance for all.

We would like to introduce a program called Khannacares. The s at the end of the word is very significant. As a physicina Dr. Raj really cares for his patients and would like to take that approach to washintion through his readers and reoresentatives.

Whats the big difference? Obamacare and Romneycare only ensure insurance for all. Khannacares stresses health for all. What use is having insurance if you can’t find providers? If you find a provider, they may be not interested in risking their license and career for the measly amount paid by the insurance for a tough procedure. Where is the safety net? By insuring buying insurance all we have achieved is guaranteed revenue for the insurance industry. Its time we shifted the focus to actual human beings. Lets shift the focus from the well meaning bureaucrats in washington to people in their communities.

We would like to stress that Insurance industry, corporations and Washington D.C are all staffed or run by people. The rhetoric of labeling Washington D.C and Corporations with various epitaphs for sound bytes needs to end. Doctors need to be actively involved to save the best health system in the world.

P.S Did you miss prelex in this bog?

Prelex, a new age process for improving vision after age 45

Most everybody has heard of Cataract eye surgery, in reality many people have had  family members which have undergone th.is surgery and achieved effective outcomes. Nevertheless, most haven’t heard of Prelex, just yet. As the word of the book on Prelex spreads more people from San Deigo on the west coast to Albany on the east coast would learn about this wonderful new procedure.

So where can you buy this book by an experienced prelex surgeon? Here is a link on Amazon – Buy Prelex Book.

Prelex is really a new age process that replace the natural lens with an artificial, presbyopic lens. Specialists have compared this process to contemporary day Lasik surgery. The prelex process was initially practiced in the Europe 4 decades ago, has been revamped, and is presently from the fastest expanding vision procedures within France.
The benefits from the prelex process prove fairly outstanding. The process enables people to determine close, middle and distance objects without the use of glasses or contacts for the rest of their lives. Imagine getting up in the morning and being able to see the alarm clock across the room for the rest of your lives.

This process also prevents the development of cataracts as cataracts are unable to create in an artificial lens. As a result the prelex process won’t only offer high quality vision moreover it will stop 1 from having to undergo cataract surgery later in life.

Chapter 1-how the eye works

In chapter 1 of the book on Prelex authored by an experienced Prelex surgeon, we learn basics about the eye. The eye has often been compared to a camera. Has it ever intrigued you that how objects and sceneries at different distances can be visualized by a person?

In simple easy to understand English the author Dr.Raj walks us through the structure of the eye. He explains the function of each part of this marvelous organ which allows us to enjoy the beauty of nature. The vivid colors, the beautiful sunsets, video games and the latest blockbusters make our life enjoyable and for that we need good vision. What prevents some people from getting this vision is explained when he discusses myopia or nearsightedness and hyperopia or farsightedness. For the first time you may truly understand what is astigmatism and why it causes redness of the eyes and headaches.

One will also comprehend the difference between hyperopia and presbyopia. Presbyopia is the aging eyes which necessities carrying the readers in ones pocket.

This chapter should appeal to all american readers, young and old.

Learn more about Prelex.

Almost everybody has learned about Lasik medical procedure.This surgery was invented towards the last part of the previous surgery. The best age group to do lasik eye surgery in the United States is from 18 to 40 years of age. Many people likewise have coworkers or friends that have undergone this eye procedure & in addition have reached useful results.

On the other hand have you ever heard about the Prelex procedure? Prelex is a modern eye treatment that needs exchanging the particular healthy lens by having an artificial, presbyopic len’s placed in the eye. Professionals call this surgery the modern-day cataract medical procedure. The cataract remedy was applied for centuries before and currently Prelex is amongst the fastest rising eye-sight treatment within the England.
What’s so great about the particular prelex remedy? The treatment permits individuals to get near, and distance in addition to in between. The procedure in addition inhibits the progress of cataracts as the cataracts are not able to build inside the artificial lens. So this means prelex treatment will give top quality vision, nonetheless it will eventually probably avoid the need to go through cataract medical procedures later about in way of life.
This new surgery is innovative in addition to successful and can be found in a brand new book known as Prelex. This type of brand-new distribution Prelex book, will describe comprehensive treatments in addition to support people to discover if they are definitely candidates. Besides information relating to Prelex, the certain publication may give tips in relation to healthy eye-sight, giving guidelines as to what needs be expected regarding cataracts and prelex.